M.A.D.E Design & Engineering

M.A.D.E – (Microair Advanced Design and Engineering)

After the success of the design and manufacture of the Microair Avionics Suite it became apparent that there was a demand for the skills and expertise that Microair had in:-
Hardware Design
Software Design
R & D
Combined with Microair’s CASA approved APMA and Microair’s Quality Assurance Manual (MAQA) approved under CASR – Part 21, Microair has been able to offer its services to a variety of areas:-
Agriculture – data logging and sensor equipment
Avionics – VHF Radio, UHF transponder, altitude encoder
GPS/Satellite messaging for logistic tracking
m.a.d.e dESIGN pHASE                
   M.A.D.E - Design Phase                                          UAV Control Software Screen
  DVR Radio Boards       
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