This Tie Down Strap is designed for use with our T2000UAV-L Transponders

Microair Avionics recommends the AV-22 antenna for use with the T2000SFL transponder. The AV-22 is TSO'd and approved for use on certified aircraft.

Microair Avionics recommends the TED antenna for use with the T2000SFL transponder. The TED is not a TSO'd product and is suitable for use on experimental and non-certified aircraft.

Microair Avionics recommends the Airkit G1 ground plane independent, for use with the M760 radio, in situations where the aircraft structure does not offer a suitable ground plane

Designed for our Transponder, this antenna coax kit contains 3.2m of URM-43 coax cable, one fitted BNC connector, and an additional BNC connector.

The Ameri-King AK-350 is a TSO'd approved Altitude Reporter (Blind Encoder ). It provides digital altitude information to all mode C ATC transponders.

The PM501 Intercom is panel mounted either vertical, horizontal or round face (additinal cost). The intercom supports up to 4 aviation headsets, with adjustable volume, and vox squelch. The PM501 is small, light (250g / 8.5oz), and very easy to install.

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