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M760 VHF Transceiver (Q)

Microair M760 VHF Transceiver (Q)
M760 VHF Transceiver (Q)
Price: AU$1,350.00 each
Price (inc GST)
AU$1,485.00 each


All purchases are made in AUD

USD $1034.58
EUR €922.01
GBP £794.2


Following on for Microair's success as the manufacturer of one of the worlds smallest panel mounted VHF aircraft radios and with radios sold in over 20 countries around the world, Microair's  latest version REV Q Radio is packed with features that include:-

  • SL30 Interface
  • Internal vox intercom with auxillary audio (music) automatic mute
  • Dual Monitoring (Active/Standby)
  • Selectable Carrier Detect (PTT) - Lockout (saftey feature)
  • 99 programmable memories
  • Priority Key
  • larger knobs
  • Alpha /Numeric Display
  • 5 watts RF carrier output
  • Memory Sort by Name
  • Receiver tuning down to 108 Mhz.   
  • 2 Year Warranty as standard
  • Australian Manufactured

All this fits in a 57 mm (2 1/4'') instrument hole and weighing in at 416g (14.67oz).

Have you considered the luxury of running 2 coms?